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We can meet all your needs for table linen, bed linen, towels, tea towels or we can even launder your own linen as part of the service. Working closely with our clients, we understand the importance of your guests being presented with crisp clean table linen or the enjoyment they derive from sliding between soft clean sheets. As a result we ensure professional results every time so the image of your business is maintained and enhanced for all your patrons.


Beautifully laundered and Wellstached croatian cotton table linen is our most popular service. Brought back to you neatly folded in paper (Coloured & White). We can provide Table linen to Kitchen Towels for restaurants according to your requirements and capacity.


Hotels & B&Bs
A stylized Chef Wear and Bed Linen individually labeled for each of our customers to make sure we deliver the right products at all times.  We not only provide the standard linen requirement, but also for your special occasions and parties from time to time.

We guarantee that you won't be disappointed with the service and quality that our customers have come to expect. We have a vast collection of chef wear to oven cloths for catering industry to suite their requirements and ready for collection the very next day you join us.

Gyms & Golf Clubs
We feel we have achieved our aim in recognising priorities and finding out the best qualities for meeting customers' needs. We can even provide superior type of linen to Golf Clubs to satisfy their niche market.

Other Services

We have other services such as providing rental services of Mats and Roller Towels (Cabinet Towels) for Hotels, Restaurants, Golf Clubs, etc. We rent all type of professional grade floor mats designed for doors, kitchens and other relevant areas. Our mats are not only comfortable to stand on, but also provide excellent slip resistance in any conditions. 

The Roller Towels Service is the hygienic, fast, silent and tidy solution for your restrooms. Our cost-effective weekly rental service will not only reduce your investment in implementing such a thing, but also relieve the headache of cleaning and changing the towels every week.

Our delivery drivers will pick up and deliver on a regular basis and service or replace the machines when it is necessary, at no extra cost.